The dust settles


The dust settles

We’re in the new house almost two weeks now, and I’m pleased to report that we’ve settled in quite quickly. Although Fliss has ended up with an epic bus journey to and from work, my commute has expanded only slightly in duration. Other than that, and the loss of a couple of rooms, the place feels very much like home already.

Initially I was kind of sad to wave farewell to the old joint, but focusing on the negatives, like the leaking roof and the fact it wasn’t ours, made it easier to hand back the keys and walk away for good. I think we’ll miss the neighbours more than anything else, as it was comforting having such nice people right next door to help us out in a fix, or mind the place while we were away.

Anyhow, as a wise man once said; onwards and upwards.

The new place is almost palatial in comparison to the old one, except in size. It’s warm once the heating is on, doesn’t have drafts, and the fact that it’s just that much more modern a house, with a decent size garden, makes it feel homely right away. Of course, there are things that bug us about it, such as the ticking noise from the central heating pipes, the noise all the assorted pumps make when it comes on in the morning, and the absence of a shower in the bathroom. Yet, anything that annoys pales into insignificance when compared to the satisfaction of owning our own home after so long.

I’m wondering if that nice feeling I get when I arrive home at night will wear off at some point, like a novelty toy. Fliss pointed out that it felt like being in a holiday home, for some reason, and although I cant quite put my finger on why, I agree with her.

Perhaps it’ll be stuff like the shower mixer exploding on me that will bring us back down to Earth with the reality that we’re responsible for paying for things like that now, rather than calling some estate agent to get it sorted. Even so, there’s no place quite like your own home. :o)