When Hazel got married


When Hazel got married

We just spent a busy week up in Scotland before attending the wedding of Hazel and Ian at the weekend. As usual with trips back home, there was plenty of stuff we tried to cram into the week, so it never really feels like we’ve had a holiday when you get back.

As well as fitting in a night out with Cousin Iain and Crazy Uncle John, I had plenty of darting about to do during the day, including another trip to Scotkart with Iain and Andrew. Fortunately for me, Crazy Uncle John kindly gave me the old car to use for a few days, and that was a great for getting about while Fliss had the Jazz.

It was also a good opportunity for catching up with relatives whom I hadn’t seen for over a decade, plus a cousin that I hadn’t actually met before.

The main event proved to be well worth the two year wait since the engagement party, although after the ceremony the midgies outside the church in Luss ate everyone alive whilst we waited for the pictures to be taken. Thankfully the reception provided fine food for us to eat, followed by drinking and dancing into the midnight hour.

I was really happy for Hazel and Ian that their day went so well – if there was a hitch of any sort then it wasn’t obvious to me, so it felt like a perfect day for them and a great way to start off married life together. Not that there’ll be much difference, I imagine, as they’ve been living together for ages now, just like Fliss and I.

With the baby on the way at xmas we don’t have any further plans to go to Scotland this year, so it’s also nice that this trip ended on such a high note. Congratulations again to Hazel and Ian – take care of my wee sister, mate. :o)

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