Hot in the City


Hot in the City

It’s early Sunday evening and I’m sweating away over Iain’s laptop in his room near Hammersmith in London. And man, is it hot. Hot and muggy, with very little air to breathe and a quick look at the Met Office website indicates it’s going to stay this way for the next few days at least.

The last couple of days have featured the delicate balancing act of trying to enjoy the fine weather, while at the same time keeping in the shade and drinking plenty of water. Of course, I still managed to get a little singed on Saturday, but considering the amount of time we spent outside I got away pretty lightly.

Iain is at church right now with the rest of the lads, so I’m at a bit of a loose end while I wait for him to come back. Don’t know what we’re doing this evening, but he’d mentioned going back to the great curry house that we ate at on Friday night. That would be fine by me, as it was a great meal on the night I arrived and since it’s hot as hell anyway, a spicey curry isn’t going to make things any worse. ;o)

Update at 21:40
We went for that curry – now feeling absolutely stuffed to the gills. We had the buffet, so it wasn’t quite as good as Friday, but tasty none the less. An interesting development was a call from Ian Binnie mid-way through our meal to tell us that he’d missed his flight. This isn’t the kind of thing that Ian would normally do, being a sensible and reliably kind of guy, but when you go to the wrong airport entirely, the chances are you’re going to miss your plane like he did!

So we’ll sit here and play Pro Evo until Binnie shows his rather sheepish face. :o)