Dashing Santa’s

dashing Santa's; Graeme, Steve, Chris, MeMyself and workmates Graeme, Chris, Steve and Althea completed the Liverpool Santa Dash at the weekend.

Steve had started nearer the front of the 4000 odd people dressed as Santa and ran it by himself, while Graeme, Chris and I had wandered to the rear of the throng before the start and ended up being stuck behind slower people for much of the first half.

Once we had some clear air, though, Graeme and Chris picked up the pace and it was all I could do to keep sight of them. I’m glad I did, because I’d have missed Graeme‘s trousers falling down otherwise – that was pretty funny, I can tell you. :o)

I’d woken up the previous morning feeling quite unwell, so I’d filled myself up with medication in order to do the event, but I ended up struggling on an up hill section due to the pace we’d been keeping. With my heart rate monitor going crazy at me I pulled up and walked for about 50 yards or so, as it was a fun run after all, so there was no point in flogging myself to go for a good time. Fortunately Graeme and Chris waited for me at the top of the hill and that kept me going once I’d caught up with them – at the end we all finished together at just over 36 minutes.

Thanks to generous donations from friends and family I’ve already made my original target of ?100, so I’ve raised it to ?150 in the hope of making some extra for the doggies. If you’d still like to sponsor me or make a donation to the Dogs Trust, my Just Giving page will be up until early February.

All being well I’ll be back for another attempt at the Santa Dash next year to try and raise some more cash for charity.

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