Restless nights


Restless nights

It seems a bit of a non-news item to report that I’m not sleeping. Beyond the obvious reasons, like having a new born in the house, since Elisha isn’t the cause. I feel I should say that because she’s much too innocent to be taking any kind of blame thus far, bar the odd night. Perhaps when she’s self propelled and proving a lot more challenging to look after we can start blamestorming with her in mind, but for now she’s off he hook.

For whatever reason I’ve been rubbish at sleeping since I was in my early teens, and sometimes I’m worse at it than others. The last couple of nights I just could not get to sleep at all and, even when I did, the quality wasn’t of a high standard.

I hate not being able to sleep. There are guys at work who tell me they’re out the second they hit the pillow and I’m truly happy for them. Gits. I’ve never been “out the second I hit the pillow”, not unless I’m suffering from some severe form of delayed reaction and I don’t realise I’ve hit the pillow until it’s about seven in the morning. Maybe I should invest in some harder pillows? Even if I still don’t realise I’ve hit it, I might be fortunate enogh knock myself out for the night in the process.

Anyhow, perhaps the insomnia has been due to me having a lot to think about since I got back to work. I’ve a bit of a decision to make and although it’s not a horrible terrible one, it is quite a crossroads for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it out of the way soon, but just to help me off tonight I’m going to drop a Nytol and see if I can make Friday my most alert day of the week so far.