Kneesy Does It part 2


Kneesy Does It part 2

Around a year ago I mentioned that I’d hurt my left knee while skateboarding. That wasn’t when my knee first started hurting, of course – it’s been bothering me for years. The skateboarding incident had made it worse, though, and since I planned to do a lot of running last year I figured I better get it seen to.

So, after we moved to a new area and registered with a new doctor I asked him about it and he said it’d probably sort itself out.

Not so. Through all of the running and tennis that I did last year, I could always feel something wasn’t quite right.

I finally went back to him last month and, although he’s not exactly the most personable of chaps, he at least sent me to get an X-Ray this time. I thought it was quite good fun, to be honest. Being the kind of kid who loved getting “I’ve been brave at the doctors today” stickers, I quite like being the center of attention while they fuss about you at hospitals. Maybe I’m just needy.

Anyhow, the results came back last Friday and it turns out there’s nothing wrong with the bones in my knee, so it’s definitely tissue damage of some nature. I kind of expected that. The doctor said that I could “leave it and see if it gets better”, but that was like deja vu all over again, so I took the second option, which was referral to the hospital to have the whole camera in the knee thing done.

I’m still waiting for the hospital to get back to me with my appointment details, not that I’m in any rush to endure this kind of thing, but I’d rather get it seen to while I’m still youngish.

I figured that whatever damage I had done over the last few years, I’m not going to make it any worse with some moderate exersize, so I’ve been running and cycling at the gym like usual. Besides, I’m thinking that when I eventually go under the knife to get this thing fixed, I’ll recover faster if my legs are in good shape to begin with.