That day in the square


That day in the square

Due to the distraction of going to Dublin I almost forgot to mention the great Saturday afternoon we spent down in Concert Square in Liverpool a few weeks back.

As he was down from Glasgow for a stag do, Ade had dropped me a line suggesting that we meet up for a few drinks. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, with most of the visits back to Scotland over the last year or so being jam packed with one function or another, so I was glad he got in touch.

On the day, Fliss, Elisha and myself headed into town on the train at lunch time. This was partly to avoid the traffic and partly so that either of us could have a drink if we wanted. I’m not a big fan of public transport, but it worked out perfectly for us.

After looking around a few shops and grabbing a couple of slices of pizza for lunch, Ade got in touch to say he was trying to find a bar in nearby Concert Square. I gave him directions there and then we made our way up ourselves, fortuitously scoring a table on the quieter side of the square when we arrived.

This particular part of the city is always vibrant with the large concentration of bars in the area, and the antics of revellers is akin to free street entertainment. Such as the squad of lads cheering each other through a drunken game of poker, or the bearded man who turned up dressed as Wonder Woman. It makes for quite a pleasant atmosphere and, on a sunny day like this one, it’s easy enough to while away the hours just observing people.

Ade had been sitting at the corner of the square with his party of mates when he came over and found us as I came back from the bar. We chatted and had a few drinks over the next hour or so, catching up on what had been going on in each of our lives and those of friends up in Scotland whom I hadn’t seen in ages either.

All too soon Ade had to be on his way, though, re-joining the rest of the stag do lads as their Saturday got going in earnest. Since we had a great spot and the draught Budweiser was going down a treat, Fliss and I opted to stay where we were for another couple of hours after Ade left.

We came to the conclusion that we don’t do things like this often enough – just heading out for an afternoon with no particular plan. Part of the reason is that Elisha needs to come along too and we need to be mindful of her needs. As it turned out on the day, though, she was content to sleep in her buggy and even when she woke she was just as entertained by all the going’s on as we were. Not such a demanding baby after all, then.

Even if Ade cant make it next time, we’ll have to do that again before the summer is over.