Home Alone Again


Home Alone Again

For the last week I’ve been king of my own castle, with Fliss and Elisha up in Scotland visiting the relatives. Much like all the previous times I’ve been left to my own devices, I haven’t really taken advantage of it, save for a bit of a night out on Friday and a quiet day spent working on the new version of WipeoutZone on Monday.

What really irks me is that, as usual, I haven’t taken the chance to get some extra sleep. I think I managed to go to bed early for the first couple of nights, but since then I’ve found something to distract me until the midnight oil has been burning before I’ve hit the sack. That and the long day I spent on Monday working on WipeoutZone has left me just as jaded as ever.

Still, it’ll be nice to have them back with me later on this evening. Apparently Elisha is teething again, but even if she is a bit miserable it’ll be good to see her wee face around the house again. It’s been kind of cold at night this past week, too, so I’m looking forward to having Fliss back to snuggle up to during the night for some warmth.

Next time they go away I’ll really need to take advantage of the freedom. Oh, and cut the grass… and tidy the house properly… and do lots of other odds and ends that I probably should get round to while they’re away.

Next time. Promise.