Feeling the Cold


Feeling the Cold

Man, it’s cold today.

I’m well wrapped up, wearing three layers, a wooly hat, and I’m in my lounge with the elements locked outside, but still it’s painfully cold. My hands are freezing – so much so that I’ve had to delete and re-type three or four times already this paragraph due to typo’s.

With Fliss and Elisha away down to visit Sue, I thought I could brave it out without putting the heating on outside of the pre-scheduled hours, in a bit of a money saving exersize. It doesn’t feel like it’s worth the effort, though. I’ve had a cold brewing all week that I’ve managed to keep at bay. Today, however, it’s starting to take hold and I’m having to blow my nose every ten minutes or so. Not good.

Maybe I should switch to a long sleaved tee shirt to give my arms an extra layer. That would help my hands stay warm, right?

Actually, screw it – I’m doing that and putting the heating on. 🙁