Back on the Road


Back on the Road

Sooner than expected, I got the car back from the garage yesterday afternoon and it was great to be behind the wheel of it again. Despite growing in familiarity with the Corsa as the days went by, it always felt awkward, even if my initial thoughts about it being “gutless” turned out to be unfounded – it had quite a bit of power, it was just much lower down the rev range than it is in the Jazz.

Later that evening, Elisha seemed very pleased to see we had our own car back when I picked her up from nursery, too. She does this “ooo-oooh” thing when something catches her attention, and that was in full effect when I was strapping her into her car seat.

For myself, it’s good to be back in a car I can step out of, rather than one that I have to scramble out of like a turtle on his back. The Corsa was so low down that it really did take a bit of effort to enter and exit, so I’m not going to miss that at all. I did kind of get used to the “throaty” sounding engine, though… the Honda engine is so much more refined, but it was quite good fun to blip the throttle of the Corsa for a low roar from the engine bay. I can understand why boy racers like them so much – it sounded like a much faster car.

Hopefully I can avoid making any more careless mistakes in future – the Jazz is a great little car and it’s a shame that it’s spent the time it has in the repair shop, because, for the most part, I’m really careful with it.