Suits You Sir


Suits You Sir

I look like a bankerFor the last six weeks at work we’ve been encouraged to wear a suit on Fridays and then pay a fine for doing so in order to raise money for comic relief.

Being that my office is a t-shirt and jeans type of place, it makes a fun change, actually, although I do feel kind of trussed up wearing a suit at my desk all day. Still, we’ve raised well over £700, which isn’t too bad at all.


2 thoughts on Suits You Sir

  1. You relly do look like a banker. 😀
    But what is comic relief exactly?
    T-shirt and jeans workplaces are the best. Not that I have ever worked in a suits kind of one. 😛

  2. It’s a fund raising thing, where loads of comedians appear on tv in sketches and the like, mixed in with footage of the plight of people in the third world. It raised over £40 million this year. 🙂

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