Not Just Nuts


Not Just Nuts

I thought I’d try and eat a little more healthily recently by buying myself packets of nuts and seeds to snack on, instead of crisps, biscuit bars, and that kind of thing.

The seeds are pretty good to munch on at my desk. They aren’t setting the world on fire in terms of taste, or anything, (and the Tesco ones are a little salty) but they do make a pleasant change from the usual fodder, and contain lots of nice cholesterol reducing ingredients.

I’ve always liked eating assorted fruit & nuts, though, so they aren’t such a diet departure. I like to have a big tub of them handy, but haven’t seen one for sale in a while that contained my ideal fruit to nut ratio. I find it odd that at halloween and xmas there are always plenty of assorted nuts on sale, yet the rest of the year you have to eek them out. Why would it be that people eat more of that kind of thing at those times of year?

Earlier this week I totally binged on the nuts and seeds. I ate most of a 100g packet of seeds at work, along with packet of assorted fruit and nuts. Later at home I had yet another packet of nuts and seeds, right after I’d been to the gym putting nut and seed based energy to good use. (Admittedly I had salad for lunch and a banana, too, so it wasn’t an entirely seed & nut fuelled gym session.)

The downside is that the next morning I had a really sore tummy.

What the heck is it with that?

I could have had a McDonalds for lunch and a Pizza Hut festival of calories for dinner and probably not have had a sore anything the next day. (Other than my wallet.) But there I was, doubled up on the crapper because I’d tried to eat healthily and fuel my body with some quality organic matter.

And nuts and seeds do not do your balloon knot any favours on the way out, either, I can tell you. It’s like getting shrapnel wounds from the inside out.

Anyhow, tonight on the drive up to Scotland I’m going to take a big bag of assorted fruit and nuts with me to eat instead of the Wine Gums that usually fill the pocket in front of the gear stick.

Actually, that does not bode well for the first dump of the day on Friday, so maybe I’ll mix it up with some Wine Gums, too. That is, after all, a balanced diet. 🙂