Let The Credits Roll


Let The Credits Roll

I’ve become increasingly irritated by all the bollocks that’s going on towards the end of programmes of late. I hate having my concentration broken by something that pops on screen to prompt me to watch the show that follows, or to remind me that there’s something on a sister channel they want me to watch.

Throw in the voice over people that jump in the second the credits roll and it’s not just the advert break volume spike that has me reaching for the mute button.

Sadly it looks like it’s going to get worse, too – the BBC are going hard core on this kind of thing from June onwards. To quote Charlie Brooker’s neat summary; “the BBC are about to ruin the ending of everything they show.”

It’s not that I watch a lot of BBC stuff – I saw adverts for a bunch of new BBC Three comedy programmes last night that indicate they’re so obviously desperate to find a replacement for Little Britain, now that it’s jumped the shark, that they’re using the scattergun approach of commissioning as many quirky comedy shows as they can get their hands on.

The real worry for me is that once the BBC advocates credit hijacking then it’s the green light for every other broadcaster to follow.