Swing the Mood (take two)


Swing the Mood (take two)

Elisha’s grandma (the artist formerly known as My Mum) sent her a nice new swing of her very own. I put it together today and this is her testing it out.

We though that it was too small in its “infant” guise, though, as she was swinging to and fro very sharply due to the shortness of the ropes. The swing could be converted from an infant size into something that’s supposed to last kids until they’re ten. However, the rope on the baby seat would need extending so that it would sit lower in the larger frame.

Venturing to the retail park we bought some new rope, then happened upon Graeme, Lisa and Francis on our travels, who joined us for a meal in Pizza Hut.

That done, we returned home and converted the swing to ├╝ber-schwing configuration as the sky got dusky and the insects got pesky. Elisha was getting over-tired at this point and was crying on and off as various things frustrated her while we beavered away with the conversion process. When it was done she perked right up – clearly delighted with the extended swing-time.
Elisha on her new swing

The light was failing by now, which is why my PSP’s Go!Cam was struggling to capture the fun in a single shot, but I filmed some murky footage all the same to record Elisha’s first moments on her new favourite thing.

I’m sure you can imagine the unpleasant meltdown that followed when we took her off the swing to bring her in for bed, though!

Fingers crossed the weather will be good tomorrow so she can get some good use out of it. I’m going to try and hammer the pegs into the ground so that Fliss doesn’t have to stand there holding the swing the whole time, but we’ll need to figure out an ideal spot for it first. All in all a successful present. Thanks mum/grandma!