Happy Trails


Happy Trails

Today the weather was finally good enough to drive down to Delamere forest and get out on the bikes.

Being the usual, hard-charging go-getters that we are, we set off around two in the afternoon. Sure, this was late enough that we missed a good deal of the sunshine, but it was at least cooling a little by the time we found our way to Delamere and parked near the visitor center.

Follow the first trail we saw, we set off on what quickly appeared to be the opposite direction to what everybody else was traveling. Later though, when we stopped for a rest, we saw that others passing who had chosen the same trail blazing direction as us. Admittedly, we did seem to be going upstream somewhat from the majority of folk, so maybe we missed something at the outset.

The trail was fairly easy, for the most part, with a fiendish couple of inclines that we encountered along the way. Fliss did very well to make her way up one of them, carrying both herself and Elisha, as it was tough enough for me on my lonesome, spinning my wheels in the sandy ruts.

Interestingly, we just kept cycling on without really knowing where we were going, or ever fearing that we would get lost. I just figured that eventually we’d circle back upon ourselves if we followed the paths, and that turned out to be the case. Just as it was starting to get painful in the ass department, we approached the visitor center from the opposite side to which we’d left, which was a welcome sight.

Scoring a trio of ice creams from the shop, I asked some young lad to take our picture while we ate our reward for effort.
Rob, Elisha and Fliss at Delamere forest

After that it was time to head back. As the road there had been a little confusing, I thought we’d maybe take a wrong turn on the way back, but it all fell into place nicely. It’s not so far away, really, and we can get the bikes in the car in next to no time, so it’s the kind of outing that’ll be a no brainer over the summer should the weather be kind to us.