Shop ‘n’ Go


Shop ‘n’ Go

Yesterday we made what was possibly our most successful trip to The Trafford Centre ever, getting there early enough to beat the crowds, doing the rounds, having a meal, and leaving just as the place was getting mobbed. Clinical shopping is my speciality! 😀

We didn’t really have anything specific to buy that warranted going to huge mall, but Fliss wanted new shoes and I wanted to pick up Worms: Open Warfare 2 for the PSP, plus it’s fun just occasionally go and browse around the shops without the pressure of having get anything in particular.

In the event we got everything we wanted and more; I found the Word Series of Poker game I’d previously borrowed from the games library at work, but hadn’t been able to find for sale anywhere, and Fliss finally got Sid Meier’s Railroads!, but unfortunately paid three times what it would have cost getting it online at Game due to HMV being rip off merchants. I guess we should have checked the price out before we set off – one of the downsides of shopping in the real world.

An upside of shopping in the real world is that we ate at the unfortunately named Tampopo, which is like a poor Manc‘s Wagamama. My food was fantastic – a portion of gyoza to start, followed by delicious chicken Com Huè and washed down with a Tiger beer. For some reason, Fliss’ chicken ramen wasn’t up to much, being a bit bland compared to the Wagamama equivalent.

After the meal we bought the things we wanted and then hit the road back home just as the place was reaching critical mass. We didn’t get everything that had cought our eye, but then we’d be bankrupt if we had – that model of an Eagle Transporter from Space 1999 at £29.99 would have looked fantastic on my desk at work, but some things you just have to leave behind. 😉