Not Scrobbling


Not Scrobbling

When I came into work on Monday I found that I could hear some electronic noise through my earphones that I don’t remember being there before. I took the speakers out of the equation and grovelled around under my desk, connecting my earphones directly to the speaker jack on the sound card, but the noise was still there. It sounded like a jammed fan or something, so I figured the noise was a symptom of an issue elsewhere in the PC.

I put in a helpdesk request, although it seemed a pretty trivial issue so I marked it as non-urgent. Unfortunately the noise makes listening to music via the PC uncomfortable, so I’ve just had my earphones plugged into my PSP, which means nothing is being sent to my Last.FM profile.

Like the minutes that tick away while you stop off at a motorway service station when you’re in a hurry, I feel like I’m losing ground as each trackplays without being logged to my profile. At the time of writing I have 18,089 tracks played – 20,000 is within touching distance.

Maybe if I use the laptop tonight I can get an hour’s worth of music in. Or perhaps I could make an effort to work on the laptop this weekend and that’d sort of make up for missing a whole week.

Even if I did that, I’d still be behind when I got to work on Monday morning, and the IT guys haven’t found out what’s causing the noise.

If only there was a Last FM client for the PSP.

Update: I caved with half an hour of the day to go. I thought that with Rage Against the Machine on I probably wouldn’t notice the noise. So far that’s true. 😉