More JSP Woes

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More JSP Woes

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Changed the accountName field to a proper <input> tag instead of the <wwhtml: templating method. Mostly because the type attribute was incorrectly "input" instead of "text", and I couldn't fix it in its <wwhtml: form. I also have no idea why we're templating/extrapolating an <input> tag. Unless there's a HUGE performance gain to be achieved I just don't see the need for further obfuscating what's already a pretty contrived templating system. Christ knows how JSP developers ever arrive at a website at the end of a project. They must spend an eternity running rings around themselves by exploding every single page into a bazillion seperate files just for the sake of it. I mean, I can understand all that crap if you're a contractor who's paid by the hour and you're trying to string a three month project out into the kind of time-frame normally reserved for building skyscrapers, but when it just makes the directory structure look like the debris field resulting from throwing a hand grenade into a well stocked filing cabinet... well, I cant see the benefits there.

Still, at least it'll validate now, though.