It’s freezing cold. Time to head north.


It’s freezing cold. Time to head north.

I just cannot believe how cold it is today. Absolutely head hurting cold.

I have been out of the house twice – once in the morning to take Fliss to the station and Elisha to nursery, and again later in the afternoon when I went to collect some parcels. On the second jaunt I was shivering in the car until the heater got going, despite the fact I had a stout jacket on and a scarf, too.

My fingers were so withered from the cold that my ring kept falling off – I lost it under the passenger seat when I went to change gear on the way, and it fell off again when I threw the parcels into the boot. When I got back home again I sat huddled up in the computer room with the heater on, surfing the net and playing some multiplayer WipEout Pulse to take my mind off of it.

I’ve just stuck the central heating on, though. I figure that if we’re to be in Scotland for the next week or so then it’ll be off, so running it at full tilt now isn’t going to break the bank.

Unfortunately, just as I’m getting warm now, I have to head out to get Elisha from nursery. So as soon as I wolf down this here Hot Pocket and cup of coffee I’ll be out braving the elements once more. Man, I really was born into the wrong climate – I hate being cold and wet for two thirds of the year. Or three quarters of the year, if 2007 was anything to go by.


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  1. Sounds like the weather is like it is in Denmark 🙁 I often find myself shivering on the way to school in the bus, those damn drivers aren’t warming up the buses beforehand so they are just as cold as it is outside. The only solution to this problem is to wear thermal underwear 😉

    What do you think of Wipeout Pulse btw? Just got it 3 days ago and I love it.

  2. On new year’s day we’re going tobogganing (why don’t they just call it sledging?) at the indoor snow center near Glasgow. As if it wasn’t cold enough!

    I think WipEout Pulse is tops.

    Ace website, too. Despite the bugs… and the bits that aren’t finished…! 😀

  3. Yeah sure there is a few things they should add like the global PSN friends list and make it so that you don’t have to wait 40 sec after each race online to get back into the lobby. That said I think that wipeout shows how online should be done on the PSP, that some stuff you do through the PSP webbrowser and somethings you do on the PC. Of course it would be best if everything worked on the PSP but then again the skin editor would probably be really bad then.

    Just out of curiosity, what’s your fav. team?

  4. Ah, the cold! It be terrible! I was born on a cold day, when I was born the snow was 5 inches thick! I wondered why I was always out in the snow with just one two layers of clothing on, I think it was because of the environment that Rutherglen Maternity was in!

    – Jack Frost has something against you, Rob, you probably beat him on Pulse online!

  5. Decon, my favourite team is traditionally AG Systems, although I’ve been using Qirex and EG-X in Pulse. After Qirex were ditched for WipEout Fusion, I wrote the back story to bring them back in WipEout Pure, so I have a special place for them in my heart. Same with EG-X, actually – the two former teams that make up that outfit were ditched after WipEout Fusion, but I had the idea to merge them and bring them back for Pulse, so I’m reasonably fond of them, too. 🙂

    When Icaras arrive via the download pack I’ll definitely be into them too – they were another team that got resurrected for Pure and I got to knock up a decent underdog type story for their return in WipEout Pulse. 😀

  6. Ah AG Systems and EG-X same here. Been messing around with Assegai because I’m getting my ass kicked online hehe. Seems like you have played wipeout a whole lot than I have, but then again I was only 10 years old or something when I played Wipeout 2097 (and god where I bad at it) and it was just this summer that I started playing Pure like crazy, I think I got half the medals in it (you probably have all of them lol).

    Awesome so the overview text on is your work?

  7. Yeah – aside from the web stuff I get to do a little copy writing for WipEout as the need arises. Stems from me running the fan site 🙂

  8. Eg-x is the best looking team so far, besides feisar being re-vamped to have blue at the front of the chassis.

    – By the way, wipeoutzone rules, nice job, Rob.

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