At the end of a long week


At the end of a long week

The week started off on Monday with the trip down to Gloucester for my Grandmother’s funeral. It was a glorious day – clear blue skies and a warm sun belying the fact it was mid-February. Unusually for the M5, the traffic was flowing well and we made it to Brockworth in good time.

The day went continued to go smoothly, considering the sadness of the occasion, and Elisha was very well behaved, despite being so excited to play with her cousin Abigail and see all the familiar faces. There were plenty of not-so familiar faces, too – some people I hadn’t seen in a good long while and it made for a pleasant afternoon, after the funeral, just catching up with the extended family.

Just after seven that night we made the journey back home, making a brief stop for food on the way, and rolling into the driveway at a shade after ten. It’s certainly one of the longest there-and-back trips I’ve done in one day in quite a while, and I was exhausted by the time I got to bed.

Unfortunately the knock on effect would make the rest of the week a bit of a slog. Fliss was in London for Tuesday and Wednesday, which left me entertaining Elisha. It was quite good fun on the Tuesday night, cooking and eating dinner together, although on Wednesday she was a bit of a moan and I couldn’t seem to keep her happy.

Thursday I was on autopilot for the most part, clearing up a few things that needed doing at work, then catching up on some TV in the evening before having an early night.

This made today a bit more bearable, actually, although I was continually distracted by the nagging thought at the back of my mind;

Tomorrow is when I have my knee operation.

I have to be at the hospital at 07:30 and later in the morning they’ll put me to sleep and do the deed. Then, at some point later in the afternoon, I’ll probably wake up in a bit of a funk with a sore knee and a lack of mobility. The last bit is going to be a major dampener – I like being self-propelled, although when I wrecked my ankle about ten years ago I became a wizard on my crutches! 😀

While I recover I’ll be off work for a week or so, although I have stuff I can do from home and I’ve taken a choice pile of programming books with me that I want to work through. Nerdy as that sounds, I might as well use the down time constructively and there never seems to be the time when I’m at my desk to just go through php or JavaScript books.

Anyhow, I’ll post about how the operation went when I’m back in action. 🙂