Well, that’s the first week in my new job over with and I don’t mind admitting that it was pretty hard going. With all the new procedures and software to learn, coupled with a new routine and an ill-advised mid-week night out with Crazy Uncle John, I was totally flagging as Friday afternoon wore on. Then my train home was delayed – like I needed that after a hard week.

The novelty factor of being back “home” hasn’t worn off yet, though, and I’m getting a kick out of taking the train to work. The brisk walk to and from the station is quite refreshing and I haven’t been rained on yet, which is good. Unfortunately I’m getting up a good half hour earlier and getting in nearly an hour later than I did when I was at Sony, so I think that’s contributing to making the days feel really long.

Money-wise it’s been a horrendous week. Previously, £30 of fuel in the car would last the best part of two weeks’ commuting to work and I never spent more than a tenner or so on lunches during a week. However, this week I’ve spent £28 on my travel card and about the same again on food, so it’s been steep. That does include a £10 blow-out today in Ichiban, so I guess I only have myself to blame.

With the food I just need to show a bit more self-discipline, as my mum got me ham and there was only one day that I got my ass in gear to make a sandwich. Cant keep splashing out over a fiver every day in M&S when it’s so much more sensible to bring my own lunch to work. Next week I’ll make more of an effort in that regard.

Overall, if I stop and think about the situation, it’s bloody mental; I’m living with my mum in Helensburgh, Walter Smith is the manager of Rangers, Something Good by the Utah Saints is riding high in the charts, and I’m taking the train to Glasgow every day. It’s like the last ten to fifteen years haven’t happened at all! 😀

I’ve actually been so swept along by events that I haven’t started missing Fliss and Elisha too badly, yet. It was only this morning when I was uploading some photos of Elisha to Flickr that I started to feel a bit sad. This weekend is going to seem really empty without them around, too, so I’ll need to keep myself occupied or I’ll get down about it.

I’m not sure what to do with myself, though – it’s rare that I’m so completely left to my own devices.