Dynamo Infoxicated do The Double


Dynamo Infoxicated do The Double

My fantasy football team “Dynamo Infoxicated” triumphed in both the League o’ Numpties and the Fantascee Fussball league this year. 😀

Nicola gave me such a close run in the League o’ Numpties that I was convinced she would overtake me on the final day. Especially since I opened the window of opportunity that much wider by making a hasty, last-minute substitution that cost me seven points. However, her team let her down down and my squad held their bottle to widen the gap on judgement day (as Sky Sports probably called it).

Classy as ever, Nicola sent me a congratulatory text, whilst Cousin “Nobody Can Take Fourth Place From Me” Iain told me I had been lucky. Just like José Mourinho, nobody understands the method in my madness. I am a special one, no doubt about it. 😉

Sadly I’m no longer at Sony in order to brag on the forums about taking the top honours in that league, so I’ll just have to be content with the fact I beat a bunch of guys who worked on World Tour Soccer. I suppose the guys who worked on FIFA and Pro Evo did that every year, though, so it’s probably nothing worth bragging about! 😀