The future as it was meant to be


The future as it was meant to be

So, here I am on the train heading home from Glasgow and I’m connected up to the internet via my mobile phone and blogging from a compact little laptop. My phone has never left my pocket because the connection between the two is Bluetooth and when the laptop connects to it, the phone connects to the internet.

The laptop is a new Eee PC 1000H I picked up. Stupid name, but perfect for the amount of travelling I’ll be doing in that it fits in a small bag, yet comes complete with wireless LAN, the aforementioned Bluetooth, and a built in webcam should I have the need for it. Plus it’s running Windows XP and has enough power to run everything I need it to.

It might be about eight years late, but this is the future as far as I’m concerned, but without the foil jumpsuit promised by Tomorrow’s World and the rest of them when I was a kid.

I like it.

Throw in an electric car of some sort – heck, it doesn’t even have to hover – and this would be the business!