Colin saves the evening


Colin saves the evening

After arriving late at Earls Court tonight to find that the family area was only open for another 50 minutes, I was gutted that our night at the Great British Beer Festival would be ruined. Fortunately a steward by the name of Colin came to our rescue.

Colin told us that we could find further ticket information if we went inside the foyer. I knew this, and launched into rant mode to tell him that I had paid £30 for a season ticket so that I could go three times this week, but since the family room was closing there was no point in paying a further £10 so that Fliss and Elisha could come in for less than an hour.

He nodded and ushered us in, putting us through the turnstyles and directing us to the elevator that would get us up to the level where the family room was. He even offered to escort Fliss and Elisha to the family room while I went and got beer for the pair of us. Disarmed, all we could do was thank him profusely and head off to enjoy our night.

It was short lived, but it wouldn’t have happened at all without Colin the steward who came to our rescue. Talk about customer service, though – we’ll be going back tomorrow with a gift of some sort. 🙂


2 thoughts on Colin saves the evening

  1. I love when service personnel go the extra mile. It always makes you want to go back to the place again. Glad to hear Colin came through.

  2. Indeed he did. When we went back the following day I found Colin and presented him with a small box of chocolates and a shake of the hand for rescuing the previous evening.

    He seemed very humbled and insisted it was no trouble at all.

    “I cant have people coming here to enjoy themselves and not get the chance.” He said.

    For that, I thank him. 🙂

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