Home from Home


Home from Home

After a completely painless drive back up the motorway from Liverpool, we’re back in my mum’s place. It’s only now that I’m back in Helensburgh, I realise that it has to be one of the maddest round trips I’ve done; flying to London, staying for eight days, getting the train to Liverpool, then driving back to Helensburgh – the full Planes, Trains and Automobiles experience. 🙂

It feels good to be home… well, in this home – and it felt good to be back in our home in Liverpool, too, especially after spending over a week living in a hotel.

I say “living”, because I think there’s a distinct difference between living in a hotel and staying in a hotel, in that living in a hotel comprises of waking up in your room, having breakfast, going to work, and then coming “home” to your room. When you’re on holiday in a hotel the experience is a little different, as your room is more somewhere you come back to sleep in, rather than the cell that contains you between shifts at the office.

Not that it bothers me either way – I dig hotels – especially nice hotels (even if the customer service from Johnny and Jenny Foreigner sometimes leaves a lot to be desired), and it was good fun having Fliss and Elisha staying with me for a weekend. Not so much being crammed into the room, as Elisha didn’t settle into a routine at all, more the stuff we were able to go out and do, like the beer festival and going to the zoo.

Then, last night in Liverpool I managed to squeeze in a late night out with some former workmates, too, so it’s been quite a packed week and a half away. Now I’ve got just a couple of days of stability before I’m back down to London again for three days. After that I’m looking forward to a long weekend back here so I can take it easy and hopefully get out on my bike a bit.

As Dorothy once said, there’s no place like home – even if it’s not entirely clear where it is. 🙂