Mission Difficult


Mission Difficult

Today is the big day – big in the sense that some multinational companies have poured a large amount of money into a project that now comes to a head for myself and the rest of my team. For the next two or three days it’s all about executing what we’ve prepared for and reacting to the things that don’t go as planned in the right way.

It’s about time, too – the last couple of days waiting for the time when we can kick off the processing and ride the rollercoaster have been torture. It could well be the most stressful weekend I’ve had in years, although, as I’ve recently read, stress is for people who mistakenly believe their jobs to be terribly important.;)

Myself, I’m hoping we can demonstrate that we can deal with the issues as they happen, even when the dominoes aren’t falling quite as they have done during rehearsal. The important thing to bear in mind is that even if things do go wrong, it’s not going to be impossible to engineer a solution because we’re well prepared and we’re more than capable of digging ourselves out of a hole.

Difficult, yes, but not impossible.

Time to sleep, for tomorrow we kick ass. 😀