Work in Progress


Work in Progress

In contrast to my usually restrained approach to changing the design of the site, I uploaded this new theme earlier this week without feeling that it was complete. The reason being is that I’d started work on it in early August with the intention of doing the bulk of it whilst I was holed up in hotel rooms on my travels with work.

That plan quickly went to the wall when both the hours and the stress at work went vertical and the rest of August and much of September went by in a blur.

Since I wasn’t getting much done while I was away, I became limited to half an hour or so on the train to and from Glasgow when I was back, but that doesn’t really help you get much done when it takes a while to regain your train of thought.

So I figured that when it got to a state where it was presentable I’d upload it and just go with it. The new plan is that I keep doing odds and ends of coding as time allows and it’ll evolve from where it is now.

I really want to toy with some more of the new CSS stuff, besides the rounded corners, and play with JQuery again, too – it’s been a long time since I worked with it on, and I want to use it to replace Prototype on when the time comes to give that an overhaul.

That’s all time permitting, of course – with trying to sell the house and the unpredictable hours at work, it’s proving tough to get a good run at things like this.