Dreaming of Sleep

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Dreaming of Sleep

After another night of broken sleep, courtesy of my little daughter paying numerous visits, I found it quite apt to see Matt’s post of this NY Times article on the importance of sleep on my WordPress dashboard this morning.

Yes, the article contains the usual sleep related fodder, like how the brain doesn’t just shut down but actually processes stuff. That and the eye-opening (sorry) fact that you perform better after a good night’s sleep.

No kidding?

What is interesting is the mention of changing attitudes toward sleep in corporate circles. Fliss actually worked at a place with a relaxation room, back at the tail end of 2001 (Enjoy-Work.com), where you were encouraged to go and lie down on recliners in a dark room and listen to ambient sounds to soothe you. I’ve yet to learn of a company that encourages you to top up on your sleep whilst you’re at work, though – the chance would be a fine thing!

I can safely say that I haven’t had a really good night’s sleep in years. I’m just rubbish at it – I either wake up when there’s no reason to, or have it sabotaged in some way – like on Saturday night when the rail company were chopping down trackside trees along the nearby railway line at 2am. The trains are too infrequent to disturb me, but rasping chainsaws within earshot are not conducive to deep sleep.

Maybe I should see if there are any sleeping analysis places in Glasgow? You know, the places that monitor you and tell you what’s going wrong after your head hits the pillow. I’ve thought of doing that before, of course, but then the fear of waking up with morning glory usually deters me from taking it any further! 😉