At Argyll & Bute Council…


At Argyll & Bute Council…

A man applies for a job at Argyll & Bute council and is invited in for interview. When he arrives he takes a seat in the interview room, while the head of the department leafs through his CV.

“I see you’re a Gulf War and Iraq War veteran?” The department head asks, visibly impressed.

“Yes – I love serving my country. That’s why I want to work for the council, now that I’m fit enough to return to work.”

“Oh, I see… you were invalided out of the forces?”

“Yes, unfortunately. I had both my testicles blown off after triggering a land mine in Iraq.” The applicant reveals. “I do hope you won’t hold that disability against my suitability for the job.”

“Of course not – in fact I’m humbled by the sacrifice you’ve made for your country.” The department head says, choked with emotion in the presence of one who had given so much. “As far as I’m concerned you’re exactly what we’re looking for – in fact, the job is yours if you want it.”

“That’s fantastic!” The applicant beams, “When can I start?”

“Well, Monday – if you’re available. We normally start at 9:00 and work until around 4:30 – it’s a short day, but you can come in about 12:00 if you like.”

“Really? Why’s that?”

“Well, the thing is…” The department head lowers his voice. “Here at Argyll & Bute we normally just sit around scratching our balls until lunch time…”