The Great Scottish Run 10K 2012

It was only after doing Tough Mudder that I had the idea of doing the Great Scottish Run 10k. I thought I’d dislike the running, but it turned out I actually enjoyed heading out for an hour to build up my stamina. I figured that rather than let the running fitness fade away I’d keep at it and enter the 10k alongside my sister, Hazel.

I assumed we’d do some training rides together, but Hazel, Ian and the kids went off on an epic tour of a holiday at the end of July. Then when they got back Hazel developed a bad chest infection that she never quite got over in time to build the miles up, so ultimately she decided not to do it. After my experiences attempting cycling events when I’m not quite fit enough, I can’t say I blame her.

Leaving the house for the first train to Glasgow on a Sunday had me feeling a bit sleepy, but it was cool seeing all the other people with numbers on their t-shirts joining the train on the way. The train was mobbed by the time we got to Glasgow and I could feel the excitement building!

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