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Cruising Loch Lomond 

Last week, in what was probably one of the the last of the few good days we’ve had in a rotten summer, we headed out on Crazy Uncle John’s boat for a day on Loch Lomond.

It was the perfect day out in so many ways. Not only did we have a hassle free launch and extraction of the boat, but the conditions were absolutely fantastic and the kids were able to enjoy a great last day before the school holidays were over. 

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Journal, vlogs

Making the cuts

Back in the day, I really enjoyed making mix tapes. I would spend ages in my bedroom planning a playlist, making sure each song came nicely after the one before it without being a jarring change of tempo or style, then put together an epic C90 with my twin cassette deck HiFi.

Naturally, in step with the march of technology, I progressed to making playlists on Minidiscs, then CD’s for the car, and still got a kick out of compiling a playlist that would hold its own against a commercially available compilation album.

However, by the time I transitioned to listening to mp3’s and the streaming music services that followed, my previously meticulous attention to detail in crafting musical continuity became a forgotten art. In short, I somehow stopped caring and these days I will just stick a playlist on shuffle and ride the randomness it throws at me. When Moby’s Porcelain is unceremoniously followed by The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up on my shuffled classic electronica playlist, I only have my own apathy to blame.

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Vlog four – The Barrowlands, Glasgow Green and Jars for Jason

This is from a couple of weeks back now, almost – I just forgot to share it here but for completeness I thought I should.

I really enjoyed putting this one together and I had a good idea of what I wanted to record, heading out at lunch time to do some “during the day” kind of stuff before the Jars for Jason event that evening. It ended up at around 10 minutes, which I thought was about right for a day in the life kind of vlog, but I’ve had feedback that it’s a bit too long so maybe I should reel them in a bit.

In the process I learned some quirks of the YouTube video editing experience the hard way, which meant having to upload it three separate times. The bottom line is that I should do all the editing offline and not bother with the YouTube editor!

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