This week, I’ve been celebrating my 50th birthday with family and friends and it’s been brilliant. I wouldn’t say I’ve been dreading turning 50 but it is a landmark birthday and, if it hadn’t earlier, society does deem you as “old” thereafter.

I’m mostly ambivalent about my age but I’d ticked off my 30th and 40th birthdays with a decent celebration so it seemed appropriate to do the same for this one.

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Cruising Loch Lomond 

Last week, in what was probably one of the the last of the few good days we’ve had in a rotten summer, we headed out on Crazy Uncle John’s boat for a day on Loch Lomond.

It was the perfect day out in so many ways. Not only did we have a hassle free launch and extraction of the boat, but the conditions were absolutely fantastic and the kids were able to enjoy a great last day before the school holidays were over. 

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