I’m really glad Xmas is over


I’m really glad Xmas is over

I had the idea for this poem in early December 2015 when it felt like the festive period had been going on for far too long already. The intention was to sound as if I was being a big spoilsport and hating on Xmas, before turning around to show I was just excited that Burns’ season was upon us.

When I showed it to him, my friend Degsy helped with the wording of the first verse, as the original version was a bit awkward to say out loud, even if it read okay. That’s a trap I’m getting better at avoiding, but here I welcomed his feedback and I think I fixed it.

My target audience were the cronies at Glasgow Haggis Club, so I read it as part of my turn at the first meeting of 2016 and it appeared to be well received.

I’m really glad Xmas is over
and we’re into another new year.
‘cos frankly I was a bit over festive
when indulging in food and in beer.

I’m glad that the kids made Santa’s nice list;
The one that he makes and checks twice.
But then him and the elves got the glory
and it was me that paid the full price!

I’m glad that the decorations are down
and that the tinsel and tree’s packed away.
And that those Christmas tunes have stopped in the shops
and they’ve found something different to play.

Yes I’m really glad Christmas is over,
and I’ve recycled my last Christmas card.
Because now that we’re into January,
I can get on with toasting the Bard!