A blog about a vlog


A blog about a vlog

I had the idea for doing a daily vlog whilst Elisha and I were in Chicago & Indianapolis, but as I was already coaching her through updating her own blog I gave up on the idea.

Then, on Monday night, I decided that the next day I’d attempt to do a “day in the life” video kind of thing just for fun. This was before having to deal with plumbing related shenanigans before bed time and, although this somewhat altered the course of Tuesday, in the morning I figured that regardless there’d at least be a variety of things making up the day that might make it more interesting.

Initially it was kind of odd recording myself with no real script, but in all honesty I only did a couple of re-takes during the course of the day. A couple of the takes I managed to screw up right at the end, which was annoying, and another clip I recorded I decided didn’t add much and left it out.

One strange thing I noticed, aside from all the mannerisms I didn’t know I had, is that my accent appears to be all over the place. I always make an effort to tone down my Scottish accent when speaking to a broader audience because I know it can be difficult for people to tune in to at first, so maybe that was in the back of my mind whilst recording some of the clips.

Anyway, I enjoyed the experience of doing the vlog and, for lack of any current daft challenges, I’m considering how much effort it would take to sustain a regular vlog over the course of the next year.