The dream dram


The dream dram

For World Poetry Day 2017 I thought I’d share this poem I wrote in October 2016. The idea came to me after a silly conversation with Crazy Uncle John when we’d had a few whiskies. We were talking about the future, in a science fiction/march of progress sense, and he said something to the effect of; “Some day, robot dugs will be commonplace!”

As you can imagine I practically laughed ’til the wee ran down my leg, because it struck me immediately how absurd it would be if that became a reality! But then, there are many examples over the years of how the advance of technology has brought us things that weren’t really needed.

So The Dream Dram came from the notion of how wishing for something to become a reality down the line might make you look past how good you already had it. In this instance, I reasoned that humanity, warmth, compassion and friendship were already there to be found, so long as we came together and let it happen.

And, of course, a wee dram of whisky might help things along!

The Dream Dram

I once had a dream, after a dram,
Where I thought I saw into the future.
But it wasnae filled with hover cars,
Robot dugs or cool computers.

The world I saw was full of hope,
Of happiness and cheer.
And the place was filled with friendly folk,
And each of us had a beer.

We all had such nice things to say,
As we gathered for a blether.
And we saw the best in everything,
so our lives could not be better.

This vision o’ mine made my heart soar,
For it was where I’d want to be.
We’d cast off intolerance and prejudice,
to set the human spirit free.

Too soon my fantasy was over,
And I’d snapped out of my daze.
With my feet now back on solid ground,
I looked about with my eyes glazed.

And here, I hadn’t travelled time at all;
I was still standing at the bar.
That’s why I’d no’ seen a robot dug,
nor futuristic flying car.

What I’d seen, it wasn’t years away,
Or what would come to pass.
T’was but the warmth that lifts us up,
When as one we raise a glass!