10 things I hate about my Nokia 5800

  1. The battery life is poor, meaning it needs charged daily after moderate use
  2. The camera lens has cheap plastic in front of it instead of glass, leading to blurred and washed out pictures
  3. The screen scratches easily – even using the included stylus with its soft tip
  4. The stylus slot wears down quickly, meaning it will eventually slip out with ease and be more likely to get lost
  5. The radio will not pick up stations with Bluetooth activated, yet there is no indication given to the user that this is the case
  6. The volume control behaves unpredictably, sometimes jumping up or down two notches for a single press
  7. The gallery lumps videos and images together for no apparent reason
  8. The podcast management is primitive – I can’t choose which it gets and which to leave – as is the way it handles connecting to the internet to download podcasts – it’ll only use a specified connection, rather than choosing the best available connection like it does for internet use
  9. The operating system is a halfway house between a button based phone and a touchscreen one, meaning some actions need a double tap and some do not
  10. The operating system is unstable for a product that was deemed ready for the mass market – I have endured more software issues with this phone than any other I have owned in the last decade
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