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When Adobe finally killed off HomeSite a couple of months back, I had to wipe away a tear at the loss of the first proper IDE that I used for coding for the web. In truth it should have been put out of it’s misery a long time ago, as when I used it for some quick and dirty coding back in October last year I was dismayed at how dated it felt. Upon learning of its demise, Nick Bradbury – creator of the original HomeSite – commented on his pride at the way in which the application had fostered a community of evangelists, due to the close relationship the users had with him, and later, Allaire. That was what gripped me when I first started using it, too – there were developers all over the world creating and releasing “Snippets” for HomeSite, and it just felt like we were all helping to make each other’s lives easier. Over the last few years I’ve visited Nick’s site many times, hoping for news of him creating a modern take on what made HomeSite so good, but knowing deep down that his hands were probably tied in that regard – so long
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