Musings from the Riverbank

Tonight I’m back in the Park Plaza Riverbank hotel in London for a week or so as the project I’m working on enters the final phase. This time my reservation was recalled without question by the guy at reception, my preference for a quiet room was already taken into account, and, for whatever reason, I’ve gone up in the world – from the 9th to the 10th floor.

Turns out that, in addition to the chocolates provided on the 9th, on the 10th floor you get extra stuff left by your sink in the bathroom. I have a comb, a dental pack, a “vanity” pack (I do fail to see the vanity in q-tips, unless clean ear canals is now ranked up there with botox, collagen injections, and a back, sack & crack wax), a shoe polish pack, a little bottle of mouthwash, and a shaving pack to compliment the shampoo, body lotion, and shower gel trio that are regular fixtures.

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