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Bad Gear

It’s hardly shocking that Clarkson and the gang lied in their recent Top Gear test of the Tesla – the show is now more pantomime than an accurate portrayal of the facts. I pretty much gave up watching regularly it after the season following Hammond’s infamous crash, due to the heavy concentration of staged “blokes dicking around in cars” segments at the expense of any factual, car-related content. Still, it’s sad to see them stoop so low, as I find it hard to tune in to programmes when it’s a given they’re just taking liberties with the truth. Shame – it used to be excellent.

Same goes for The Gadget Show – I went through a phase where I never missed it, but as the staged “challenges” began to outweigh the substance my interest declined to the point where I don’t particularly care whether I see it or not. Not that I think they’ve actually lied or told any half truths about any of the stuff they’ve tested – save for that frickin’ kettle we bought after they failed to mention how noisy it was.

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