Thanks for the memory?

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Thanks for the memory?

I have the misfortune of owning three multi-page PS1 memory cards – the type where you hold down a few buttons on the controller and then switch to a new page of memory. Why is this unfortunate? Because I now own a PS2 and these cards don’t want to work with that!

Initially I noticed that when I had a multi-page card inserted and loaded a PS1 game up on the PS2, it would tell me that there was no controller present, even if there was one. Then I realised that I couldn’t change between pages of the memory card on the PS2 – meaning I had to stick the card back into the PS1 and change it there, which is not ideal.

My solution was to go to EB and buy a few one-meg single page cards to copy all my game saves onto, but even with three memory cards I still have stuff left on the old multi page cards! So now you know – if you’re getting rid of your PS1, you may aswell sell any multi-page cards you have along with it, ‘cos you cant take them with you to the future of the PlayStation!