Not so grand Tourismo

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Not so grand Tourismo

After only three weeks, I’m sick of GT3.

Sounds amazing – you’d think I had over played it, but you’d be wrong, as I haven’t really done that much at all – my stats say I’m only at 17% or something like that. The problem is, I just cant bring myself to coast around lap after lap while the “Artificial Inteligence” cars glide around on their splines providing no challenge whatsoever.

With only six admittedly very nice looking cars to compete with, an endurance race can be a very lonely event indeed. I completed 40 circuits of the Seattle course in my Lotus Elise, almost two laps ahead of the nearest AI car – and the field included three corvettes – I expected much more of a challenge.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve bought essentially the same game three times now and I just feel, aside from the splendid graphics, that I deserved much more this time.

The PS2 with its Emotion Engine delivers an enriched, intelligent gaming experience… well that’s the premise, anyway – the reality is that I’m playing a nicer looking version of a game the PS1 could provide.

For now I’m back to Madden 2001 so I can at least warrant buying Madden 2002 in a months time, and Rumble Racing – which I haven’t quite finished yet.

I just hope GT4 wont take the joke any further.