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Madden 2002

I’ve been pleased with Madden 2002 since the very second I purchased it in EB. It’s not often you get ?20 trade in for a year old title, however, and that stands as testimony to the standard of game that Madden 2001 was. That I can trade it in a year later and receive half it’s value back shows that it is indeed a worthy franchise!

As far as game play goes, the game is sensational. The “just one more go” factor of the Two Minute Drill is highly addictive – I’ve managed to turn a five minute game into an hour long session without realising it. I haven’t even got into my franchise mode yet – a sure fire way to lose yourself in a time warp.

I was a little misty eyed at trading in my copy of Madden 2001 before I’d managed a good run of seasons with my carefully built team.

This year I wont make the same mistake. And due to the fact that my girlfriend has found a sudden interest in Madden, I could get a couple of mates round and have the lot of us whiling those winter nights away in the virtual NFL.

The only thing that disappoints me so far is the in game music… compared to last year it just doesn’t have the same sense of attitude. I suppose this is a minor gripe, but I cant help but think that “Leave ’em in the dirt!” from Madden 2001 psyched you up more for a game than the fairly drab instrumentals featured in Madden 2002.