Bottom on top

Bottom TicketI had a very good laugh indeed last night at Hammersmith Apollo, where I went to see Bottom 2001. All the usual knob gags were there of course, plus the odd bit of improvisation that serves to enrich the “plot” even further.

The highlight for me came after the interval when Rik and Ade, as Richard and Eddie, were discussing the characters who played them.

“Who plays me again? Isn’t it that tosser who fell off the quad bike!?” was Rik Mayall’s warmly appreciated reference to his very nearly tragic accident.

Although the performance seemed slightly more upbeat than that of their last outing in Hooligans Island, I fear that they’re running out of steam.

Richard’s observation that “Rik Mayall is much too old to be playing me!” just about sums it up. Hopefully next time round they’ll bow out on a high before their reputation is tarnished. If they visit a theatre near you, then do go – it makes for a very pleasant night!

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Burned out and ready to go!

I bought Acclaim’s insane racing game Burnout the other day, only to discover when I got home with it that I’d won that very title in a competition! Fantastic!

This coming Sunday I have to visit Acclaim’s HQ here in London to play against nine other winners for the chance to win a PS2, DVD player and a widescreen TV. Amazing!

With a bit of luck, Christmas could come early this year.

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Farewell FGN Online

It came as sad news this week that Fastest Gaming News Online has met its demise. Although not as feature laiden as C & VG or IGN, FGN Online proved to be a valuable source of facts when you didn’t really need the braying associated with most of the other gaming sites.

FGN Online joins Urban Fetch London on the very small list of dotcom casualties that I actually feel sad to see the back of. From the reportage (at you, Victoria Beckham!) on the site it looks like the guys have moved on to bigger and better things, which is the best result you can hope for when a business reaches the end of its life.

All the best and thanks for all your effort – it was very much appreciated.

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