So far so good

Well, after a week in Liverpool I can honestly say it’s been quite good fun so far. The job has been going pretty smoothly – looks like it’ll be good hard work in the next few months, but I’m looking forward to doing something I’m pretty interested in, for a change.

So far I’ve managed to avoid “Cockburn’s Syndrome” – where you leave a job and your previous employers suddenly realise you’re invaluable before swamping you with phone calls and unwanted hassle. In fact, it’s a little too quiet – I hadn’t realised I made such a good job of the Intranet at my old place!

Anyhow, I’ve found a nice flat here in Liverpool which should do for six months or so until we find somewhere more permanent. I’m getting a bit sick of moving around all over the place. A couple of years of stability would do nicely, I believe – I’m not sure my computer desk will handle another move, never mind me.

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WipeoutZone version 2 version 2Towards the end of 2001 it became obvious to me that the old WipeoutZone site required a much needed overhaul. There were nasty nested tables everywhere and the site was an absolute chore to update. The Flash navigation made me squirm every time I looked at it and the whole DR rip-off that I’d come up with before was less pleasing to the eye with every visit.

So, after making the decision to go standards compliant with the design I done away with all the tables, except for those which hold tabular data. The layout is handled by the style sheet and the code is as clean as anything I’ve ever done.

Yet again, Fireworks fell short of the mark when it came to doing the banner and Adobe Photoshop came to the rescue. Maybe with version 5, eh Macromedia?

Anyhow, the templates took about a week or so to come up with, plus four hard days of coding to convert the old pages over. I’m quite pleased with the result – it’s very fast and works well in all the leading browsers.

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