Game on!

Game On

Game on!

I’ve got so many games on the go at the moment it’s mad. First up is Wipeout Fusion – I’m a bit biased there, but I’ll sum it up by saying it’s the fastest racer ever and it looks great!

Next up is Ace Combat 4 – brilliant stuff, brings back Top Gun in a big way and the atmosphere is great during the tense missions and dog fights. The graphics are almost photo-realistic in places, and the menus and loading times are sensational. Top marks!

Jack & Daxter follow on behind, pushing a whole load of polygons in their journey over a fabulous looking fantasy land. It does smell a little like Crash Bandicoot… well, a lot actually, but it’s heaps better than Crash because it’s more open. If you find something that’s a pain to do, the chances are you can go and do a load of other things instead, and that’s great game design.

Now on to Rockstar’s State of Emergency – it’s crap, avoid it at all costs. Ok, to be fair, if you loved the missions in GTA3 where it was really frustrating and you lost your life just before you completed them then this is up your street. Even more so if you love games with scewed up camera movement, ‘cos in SoE it swings from your back to your side and round to your front without any logical reason while you’re getting a kicking from 8 riot police. Not fun and not a very good game either.

Dropship made it out of the packaging long enough for me to play the training level. It looked good, but it’s a little less playable than Ace Combat 4, so I’m leaving it ’til later.

Airblade on the other hand is still in the celophane. I have Tony Hawks’ 3 and I another take on the theme doesn’t really appeal to me. Could save it for a rainy day, I suppose.