I just received an e-mail from Paul Sowden of which leaves me slightly dumbstruck. I was mistakenly under the impression that if you kept a weblog and you spent every single day on your soap box, that you actually invited comment from your audience.

Paul said on his site that he thinks that lower case stuff is “so 2001”. So I sent him a mail – and I swear I was just having a bit of fun, pointing out that his page title and a couple of other parts of his page were in lower case.

I wont paste his reply here, as it’s just… *sigh*, you know – I really should have guessed that someone so anal couldn’t possibly have a sense of humour. What the hell is the world coming to, I wonder? Answers on a validating e-mail, please.

Anyhow, I have been visiting Paul’s site every day now for months – I think I found it last October or something when he was mentioned on ALA. But over the last week or two he’s made some pretty rash remarks and my guage on the value of his comments has swung to the negative during that time. Fortunately I’ve found another journal that contains similar thoughtful content… but without the holey-er than thou’ posturing. Guess you’re back down to two visitors a day, Paul.