One last entry before civilisation collapses!


One last entry before civilisation collapses!

I wanted to get one last update in before May. Not for any particular reason – it’s just that April has been a kind of bumper month for updates and I think it deserves a good send off. Sadly I’m out of ideas on what to write about, so I think I’ll just go with a brief summary of where things are at.

Even after the realisation that this site sucks a bit at the moment, I still haven’t got round to allocating some time to spruce it up a bit. Even when I do turn on the computer with a view to doing something, I usually end up messing around with the banner at WipeoutZone, which is driving me nuts due to its lameness. Hopefully I’ll get round to doing something soon – maybe tonight.

Work is going well – the intranet is almost at a launchable stage and I was able to do some of the Very Cool StuffTM that I wanted to get done. It’s only the first milestone, really – there are loads of things that I can add in to make it better, as well as refining the code in places. All in, a good project so far – quite pleased with the way it has gone.

Fliss is still working in the pensions department in the company she’s temping with. Hopefully a good job offer will fall into her lap in the near future, as it sucks a bit that I’ve kind of landed on my feet here in Liverpool and she hasn’t managed to find something decent yet.

Maybe we should be trying a bit harder to win the Lotto. I know that money doesn’t solve every problem, but we don’t seem to have any other problems than lack of money!