A new look at last


A new look at last

I sort of arrived at a new design the other night. It’s not really what I was going for, but it works for me and it’s kind of growing on me. It’s a strange thing that something quite decent can be arrived at by accident. In this case – I was messing around with pastely, slatey shades of blue to use as a contrast colour in box-outs in something I’m doing at work.

One of the contrast colours I found felt really pleasing to the eye… well, to my eye anyway, so I decided to give it a try with my own site. So here we are!

I’ve decided to drop the style sheet selector for the moment being… two reasons: One – I haven’t re-jigged them yet to work with the new page template. Two – absolutely everyone has them and it’s just a flippin’ gimmick anway.

So – back to the new look, well, I had the mouse-miles reduction that I was on about a while back in mind when I done the layout for this. Having the navigation on the right, near the scroll bar should reduce those arduous mouse miles. Feels kind of nice, practicing what I was preaching for a change! ;o)

Oh – also, and get this – I kept the old index as winter2002index.php, so that I could have an archive of the old design. Wahey!