She thinks it’s all over – it is now!

Fliss’s (go on Unwin – slate me for that grammar!) job has come to an abrupt end! She asked for Wednesday morning off to go for an interview, which is meant to be cool if you’re just a temp, as they know you’re not there for ever… kind of thing.

Well, anyway, when she got in yesterday there was an e-mail confirming that she could have the morning off… and the rest of her life, too, as the person she is temping for is returning.

Hopefully Fliss will find something else soon, and not just another temping job either.

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The final countdown

I was checking out Aaron‘s site (again, I’ve never met/spoken to the guy, but it’s netiquette to call folk by their first name when you’re linking to them! ;o)) and found his DHTML “ypmenus”. They are well cool and very easy to implement too, for someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands a little dirty with the code.

Almost makes me wish I’d kept up the DHTML tinkering instead of deciding to wait until there was decent cross browser support for the DOM and CSS. Granted, when that day comes it would be nice to hit the ground running, but for the moment I have bigger fish to fry in the shape of the Intranet at work.

It’s up on the server now and other than a small fright caused by an old version of php, it seems to be working pretty well. Some nice people are testing the CMS over the next couple of days and hopefully they wont find much wrong with it. Then it will be all systems go – wahey!

I really want this to be a good project – mostly for me, because I haven’t really produced anything of note so far, and partly for my boss for having the faith in me in the first place. There’s also the fact that I’ve done some Very Cool Stuff ™ behind the scenes with this Intranet and I just want to see how it floats.

Fingers crossed over the next few days.

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