National Sports Car Show 2002


National Sports Car Show 2002

Lotus EspritWent to the above at the NEC in Birmingham at the weekend – check out the pictures. For the most part it was just a matter of feeling resentful of all the middle aged dudes in beards driving fantastic looking sports cars.

It was good to get up close to a few personal favourites, though – the GT-40 and the DeLorean were fantastic to see. The guy who owned the DeLorean in the pictures was nice enough to explain how he’d come to own it and the plans he had in future to restore it. Not that it looked like it needed much restoring, but I guess that owning a classic car is an ongoing project.

The only disappointments were the size of the show – it was in a pretty small hall and a walk around didn’t take long at all. The other let down was TOCA Race Driver – being shown for the first time by Codemasters. I had a practice before entering their competition, but the game was so crap that I didn’t even bother entering. Seems I’ll have to look elsewhere for a decent racing game on the PS2.